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Dog Tips / Advice

Preventing Boredom
Dogs that are left alone for long periods of time or breeds that are high energy can become bored leading to destructive or unwanted behaviour. Try using interactive treat toys like Kongs where the dog has to work to get the treats out of a small hole. You can also try scattering dry food and treats around the house and garden for them to find. Ideal for hound breeds that like to use their nose. Clicker training is also useful for training your dog and preventing boredom. Ensure your dog has had a good walk before you leave him alone.

Separation Anxiety
If your dog becomes distressed when you leave him alone try leaving the radio on so he is not left in silence. Try not to make a big deal of leaving and don't make a fuss of him leave quietly. Leave him some chew toys to play with and ensure you exercise him before you leave. Create training can help with separation anxiety.

Giving Commands
Try to avoid repeating commands (issue it twice at the most) as your dog will not listen and learn to ignore the command. Only issue commands that can be easily enforced and give praise when they comply. Wherever possible only use the dogs name in a positive way and use a separate word (e.g. bad) to reprimand the dog. This will ensure the dog will respond positively when he hears his name and this will help with his recall training. The dog won't associate his name with being told off.

Puppy Teething
Puppy teething starts at about 4.5 months old and they will need to chew. To prevent the puppy from chewing unwanted items such as furniture or your fingers get a knotted rope (or tie a knot in an old tea-towell) soak it in water and put in the freezer. The ice will help soothe your puppies gums.

Toxic Foods
Some foods are poisonous to dogs. These include onions, chocolate (particularly Dark chocolate), alcohol, antifreeze, grapes, raisins, nuts, slug pellets, Xylitol (artificial sweetner) and human medication (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen). If your dog consumes any of these items consult your vet

Fussy Eaters
Dogs are sometimes 'taught' to be fussy eaters by owners leaving food down all day for them to pick at. This can also encourage dominant behaviour as the dog believes it to be pack leader having access to food all day. It is advised to stick to a routine for feeding and remove any food the dog has not eaten after 10 minutes. It may take a few days but the dog will soon learn he must eat when the food is provided by the owner

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